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Concerned with meeting the needs of the online advertiser, e-clictic is here to assist you in developing and implementing your e-marketing strategy.


Our main assets :

With over 10 years of e-marketing experience, we have seen and follow the development of the market. We recognize the good & the bad  trends, and have learned to look beyond them. We also understand the need to renewal.  


E-clictic team, a team of professionals in their prospective work domains, will help you in creating all the actions you will need in order to plan online traffic.  

We decided to surround ourselves with good partners, associates, … who are the most competent in areas useful to your online strategy

We are a highly specialized team and come from the "universe" of on-line performance. We work hard to achieve your goals and increase your ROI target (Return On Investment).


Our core business : Collect  >  Make it profitable

1st : we become aware of your qualitative & quantitative objectives and make an inventory of your website and the webmarketing tools you use.

Then we select a marketing plan and we assist you in how to implement it. And we follow you during all the project. 

Our goal is to develop with you a long term relationship.


Some examples :

  • Improving your website (responsive design, study of buying funnel, improvement of customer conversion ratio, ….)

  • Managing your Search Engine Optimisation/ SEO :

  • Domain name, Meta / title tag, blog construction, wording in your domain ….

  • Managing your Search Engine Monetisation / SEM :

  • AdWords, Google Shopping, YouTube, mobile retargeting,  … all the solutions Google, and the other search engines, can offer .

  • Social Media Optimisation / SMO :

  • To webcast with social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram … some news about your activities, products ….

  • To collect leads, unique visitors, qualified traffic, sales … with emailing campaigns or custom made partnership , display…. We work on CPL, CPA, PPC, CPM

  • Monetization of your audience or database


We will share with you the best marketing tools arround today :

Tools to improve your emailing delivery

A to do list to have the best graphic elements (emailing, banners…)

We also help you find the perfect team to achieve your goals.
Recruitment is one of our new activity...


You can contact us : here.

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